Can I place an order online?

Our website is designed to assist our customers with idea generation and budget planning.  To give you the best service, contact us so we can personally assist you with product information and decorating options.

What is needed to place an order?

For apparel orders, the minimum information needed is the desired item (style/description), desired decoration (screenprinted/embroidered), what information to imprint, location (s) of imprints, and associated artwork files.

For promotional product orders, the minimum order information needed is the desired item (style/description) and associated artwork files.
With this information we can help you finalize the details of your order.

What is the order process?

On all new orders, we will send an Order Confirmation with a digital artwork proof for your review.  This proof will represent the imprint size, content, and location of this print order. The customer is requested to review and approve the order and artwork proof for accuracy.  If color matching (pantone or otherwise) is critical, a statement about our ability to color match  will be stated appropriately.  Once a signed Order Confirmation is returned to us via fax or email, the order will be placed into production.

How long does it take to receive an Order Confirmation with a digital artwork proof?

Once we understand the order and have received the appropriate artwork files,  an Order Confirmation with digital artwork proof will be ready in 1-2 business day.  If you do not receive on within that timeframe, please give us a call as we are probably not aware that you did not receive it.  Also, we do ask that you set your email account to send a confirm receipt of emails when in the proof/approval process. If we do not receive your art approval we cannot proceed with your job.  Having your email set for a confirm receipt ensures that we in fact did get your reply, if you did not get a confirm receipt, we do not have your approval.

For embroidery, how do I know how many stitches are in my design?

We can provide an estimate of stitches at no additional cost.  Simply send us the design in any available file format along with information on “where” his logo will be imprinted as the  size of the embroidery  will affect the stitch count.